Wedding photography is my passion.

“Camera is an extension of who we are.”

I love travelling and taking pictures, especially those of people. Wedding photography for me is the invitation to others life. I love telling a story of people with my photographs. That’s my way to communicate what I see and what I feel.

“Nothing is more beautiful than someone in love.”

Wedding is a start of a new family. It’s a celebration of life that brings people together. Those are the moments that could never be repeated. Yet we want to remember for the rest of our lives. That’s why I love wedding photography.

Xiao Photography is located in Arlington, Virginia. My wedding photography aims to capture the beautiful and unexpected moments on a wedding day. Document the people, event and the place. I want to tell the story of the wedding day with artistic and timeless photographs. Even decades after your wedding, you could still remember how you felt at that exact moments.

Photographing wedding is such a blessing for photographers. As passionate as I am about my marriage and wedding photography, I am looking forward to the privilege to photograph your wedding. It’s an honor to be invited to the most special day of a couple, to document the start of a new family.

As hard as it could be, I want to be the best wedding photographer I could ever possibly be.